MHRD Scholarship - 2010:

  a) Selected Students
  b) The following 193 students amount has been credited to their account. Those who are resubmitted the Bank details.

  Scholarship - 2010 First Renewal:

  i) Instructions and Formats
    ii)  First Renewal amount of Rs. 10,000 each is being transferred to the following 2293 students individual account from Vijaya Bank, Malleswaram Branch shortly.
          a) List of Science Candidates
          c) List of Commerce Candidates
          d) List of Arts Candidates

  Scholarship - 2010 Second Renewal:

  i) Instructions and Formats
          a) List of Eligible Candidates
          b) List of Rejected Candidates
          c) Date Extended

  Scholarship - 2010 Third Renewal:

  i) Instructions and Formats
  ii) Date Extended

  2010 Batch Applications not received I,II or I&II and Marks Card not enclosed:

  i) Notice
  ii) List of Students (APNR)
  ii) List of Students (MCNE)

  2010 Batch Ineligible Students:

  i) Intimation
  ii) List of Students

   Scholarship - 2010 Fourth Renewal:

  i) Instruction & Application for IVth renewaL